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There are tons of people out there who will pay good money to get things like metal and wood engraved. With the right hobby laser engraver, a person can start doing this work in a hurry.

Ideas for Creating Custom Products With Entry-Level Laser Engravers

Home craftsmen and small business owners who are looking for an entry-level laser engraver need look no further than the Boss LS-1630. This machine is built to last and strong enough to accommodate either a 65W or a 100W laser tube, which allows it to cut and engrave a wide variety of materials. It is designed specifically with home use in mind, which is why it is neither as large nor anywhere near as expensive as industrial-scale machines.

Many home hobbyists and small business owners find that the much smaller investment required to purchase a machine for home use is within their price ranges, which is part of why so many individual consumers are now choosing to buy laser machines. But what can you laser engrave with a laser engraver?

Appropriate Materials

Entry-level engravers are still powerful enough to be suitable for use with a wide variety of materials, including wood, glass, ceramic, acrylic, certain plastics, leather, some types of stone, and some types of treated metal. While CO2 lasers designed for home use are not intended for cutting metal, they are more than suitable for creating home-made gifts, crafts, and more.

Common Applications

One of the most common and most enjoyable laser engraving applications is the creation of homemade gifts. Things like custom-engraved drinks and glassware, photo albums, tumblers, plates, mugs, picture frames, key chains, and other products made from materials that are appropriate for home laser use all make fantastic gifts either for personal use or to be sold in the context of a small business. Many consumers pay third-party companies quite exorbitant sums of money to reproduce their designs on different products when they could be using a laser engraving machine to see their ideas through to fruition themselves.

Of course, gifts and novelties aren't the only things that are frequently engraved or cut with lasers. Home hobbyists who enjoy putting together custom models also enjoy the freedom that having their own engravers offers to custom-fabricate pieces and customize their models with their own specialty designs. Artists and craftsmen also love that engravers allow them to create multiple precision copies of their work in a far smaller amount of time.

Engraving Photos

Photographers looking for laser engraving ideas will find that the ability to reproduce their prints on a wide variety of materials can come in extremely handy in terms of increasing print sales. Laser engravers are capable of accurately photo etching pictures onto glass, wood, leather, granite, marble, acrylic, plastic, and even some treated metals. These photo etchings can then be sold for a higher price than ordinary prints.